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Amapiano is a currently dominating South African music genre. The genre’ sound keeps changing year-by-year. New sub-genres are invented time-by-time. The name ‘Amapiano‘ is derived from Zulu (One of the 11 South African official languages) meaning ‘The Pianos‘. This is a riveting genre where vocals are not really the priority.

Find the latest top commonly used Amapiano Plugins for record producers who are using FL Studio. Firstly, join other producers on WhatsApp by clicking here.

Top 5 most used Amapiano Plugins

1. Fruity DX10

Fruity DX10 is a commonly used plugin for every Amapiano producer. Actually, this is the main plugin for ‘Amapiano’. This plugin is where the ‘The Logdrum‘ is found; which is the main part of the ‘Yanos’ sound. Fruity DX10 is a pre-installed plugin on FL Studio.

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2. Groove Machine Synth (GMS)

GMS plugin is considered one of the frequently used FL Studio plugin for Amapiano. Different Yano producers recommend this plugins for some notes. GMS is also a pre-installed FL studio plugin.

3. Purity

Purity is one of the popular used plugin for Amapiano. It is not pre-installed and it is available for purchase.

4. Nexus

Nexus plugin is commonly found in ‘sgija’ which is one of the sub-genre of Amapiano. Either this plugin is not pre-installed and is available for purchase.

5. Lounge Lizard

Various Amapiano producers use this plugin for making chords. Lounge Lizard plugin is also not pre-installed on FL Studio and availble for purchase.

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