Types Of Amapiano

New Amapiano sub-genres are constantly being discovered and explored. Today, we are seeing an ever-growing variety of Amapiano sub-genres, including the popular yanos sub-genre. These sub-genres continue to evolve and captivate music enthusiasts, adding to the rich and diverse tapestry of the Amapiano music scene. The exploration and innovation within the Amapiano genre are truly remarkable, showcasing the creativity and talent of musicians in this vibrant community. Keep discovering and enjoying the incredible world of Amapiano music!

Although this township genre was discovered around 2012, it was more recognized from 2019 and became the biggest genre in South Africa. People describe “Kabza De Small, MFR Souls, Dj Stokie, JazziDisciples” as the grandmaster of this genre.

1. Private School Piano

Private School Piano is a popular sub-genre of Amapiano which is played world-wide. Kelvin Momo is known as the veteran of this subgenre. Others describe him as “The King of Private School Amapiano”.

2. Sgija

Sgija is the ‘dub‘ type of Amapiano or call it subgenre. This is the type of amapiano most South Africans finds it ‘groovy’. Although many talents (artists) are discovered from this subgenre, MDU aka TRP is still considered the pioneer of this sound. Sgija is characterized by its unique fusion of deep house and amapiano elements. It brings together the groove and rhythm of amapiano with the atmospheric and melodic qualities of deep house. This subgenre has paved the way for numerous talented artists to showcase their skills and contribute to the growth and evolution of the subgenre. MDU aka TRP, with his groundbreaking productions and innovative approach, has played a crucial role in establishing Sgija as a distinct and influential style within the amapiano community. His contributions have inspired and influenced many aspiring artists, making him a true pioneer of this sound.

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3. Barcadi

Barcadi is played in Pretoria, South Africa. Others consider Barcadi as a standalone ‘Genre’ whilst others consider it as a sub-genre of Amapiano.

4. Bique/ Mozambique

Mozambique, which is abbreviated to Bique, was not long discovered but it is fast growing. ‘Black Is Brown Entertainment’ is well known by this sound. Zan’Ten (duo), Djy Biza, and many other talented artists contribute to the vibrant music scene. The unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements sets this sound apart, captivating listeners from all corners of the world. Through their exceptional creativity and dedication, these musicians have become the esteemed veterans, consistently pushing the boundaries of the genre and shaping its future. With their infectious beats and soulful melodies, they continue to maintain the legacy of this rich musical heritage, paving the way for aspiring artists and cultivating a thriving community of music enthusiasts.

5. Quantum Sound

Quantum Sound is the sub-genre of Amapiano which is popular by its bass. Popular song ‘Bheba‘ by ShaunMusiQ, Xduppy, Ftears featuring QuayR Musiq, Myztro, Matuteboy, Mellow & Sleazy is considered ‘Quantum Sound’. Others considers it as the subgenre of barcadi.

6. Theke

This style of Amapiano is a unique fusion of Sgija and Mozambique played by its highly experienced veteran, JayLokas. With each performance, he effortlessly elevates the energy of the crowd, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of experiencing his music. The unmistakable influence of Sgija and Mozambique can be heard in every note, infusing the Amapiano genre with a refreshing and distinctive flavor. This exceptional combination of musical influences is a testament to the creativity and innovation of JayLokas, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazer in the Amapiano scene.

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