Distribute your music for free

Being an independent musician with a limited budget for releasing and selling your music must be hard. If you find yourself in this group, don’t worry. There are effective ways to sell your music for ‘free’ on digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and others.

Best free music distribution platforms


RouteNote has been helping artists with free distribution to music services for quite some time. With their free service, they offer:

  • Full access to all services
  • Unlimited artists
  • Unlimited uploads
  • You keep 85% of royalties
  • Free forever
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Sign up with RouteNote today to get started.


With Tunecore, you can distribute your music to Social Media Platform (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook) for free. Tunecore lets you keep 80% of your revenue with their free service. Additionally, their free service includes:

  • Unlimited Releases to all social plartforms
  • Tunecore Rewards Master Classes
  • Official Sales Reports
  • 5 business days customer service response time
  • Use your own ISRC

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