The birth of the Log Drum in Amapiano

The Log Drum plays an essential role in the genre of Amapiano. It makes the genre so unique and recognizable. Without the Log Drum, Amapiano wouldn’t have the same ‘vibes’. The sound of the Log Drum can evoke different moods, from a cheerful and energetic feel to a deeper, more intoxicating and dreamy atmosphere. It is the major part of many Amapiano producers, giving their music a unique identity. Amapiano listeners will always appreciate and enjoy the distinctive sound of the Log Drum whenever they hear it in a song.

All of this is due to the mighty MDU aka TRP, also known as the father of the Log Drum in Amapiano. He played a significant role in the Amapiano genre by introducing the Log Drum. MDU aka TRP’s creativity and musical vision have contributed to the breakthrough and popularity of Amapiano. The Log Drum has brought depth to Amapiano songs with its rich bass banging sound. With his innovative and boundary-pushing musical aesthetic, MDU aka TRP has helped Amapiano become a universal attraction. With his distinctive style and talent, MDU aka TRP has become a legend of Amapiano, past, present, and future. As Amapiano enthusiasts, we are grateful to MDU aka TRP and proud of his musical legacy. His achievements and influence will continue to inspire the future development of Amapiano.

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The South African music industry is renowned for its incredible talent and diverse range of genres. One such talented artist who has left an indelible mark on the music scene is DJ Maphorisa. As a well-known DJ and record producer, DJ Maphorisa has been instrumental in shaping the sound and culture of South African music.

Recently, DJ Maphorisa took a moment to pay his respects and express his gratitude to a fellow artist, MDU aka TRP, for his exceptional contribution to the music industry. In an awe-inspiring act of humility, DJ Maphorisa publicly acknowledged the significance of MDU aka TRP’s on introducing the Log Drum in the Amapiano genre. Not only that; he also paid a price of R100K to MDU as appreciation.

As to show appreciation to MDU aka TRP, DJ Maphorisa concluded that he wish that every Amapiano artist can send him(MDU) 10k ZAR.

The man really played a major role in the genre by introducing this instrument. Be sure to leave comment below about your thoughts!

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